What About Church?

June 23, 2019

Maybe you go to church, maybe you don't go to church. Perhaps there was a Turing point in your life that leads you to your current standing position. Even if you aren't a believer you are welcomed to come to church. Church should always feel inviting and welcoming to everyone who attends, church should been seen as a hospital for those seeking out "betterment" it's not to be a courtroom for us all to be judged. To no surprise - usually those who come to church are those who have been there already.

We are invited to invite - If you have strong beliefs and you can extend a hand you should jump to it, as in doing such a good deed you don't know what good is to come. If you don't make it to church due to an unexpected event, simply spend some time observing your religion - you may even want to set a timer for the duration of this event so you won't miss it.

I don't recall a time where I went to church and regretted it. I can wholly say it has been a good choice every time. Church is a great place to connect with others and to share your commonalities amongst each other.

You won't hear the message of good and inspiration unless you make it into church.

It's not about religion its about a relationship with God.

We save ourselves the potential embaressment by simply not asking them, Don't say no for them by simply not inviting or asking them.

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