Nothing Is For You But We All Want More

July 13, 2019

Could the problem just be that we all just want more? The question becomes two-fold Yes we may all want more (to fulfill the good) however can the "bad" come from the "good?" We get so much good (In America) that we often just have this desire to go get more of it. How many shirts do we really need, how many (XYZ things here) do you have? The amount of things we have also dictates how much work (and stress) we have managing these things. Taking a look at your lifestyle you can see where your time goes and what these things are actually doing to your life. See the nice cars and shiny things people chase after, society tells us we need these things to feel better. THE TRUTH IS nothing is for you - everything on earth none of it is for you, it's simply for the position you hold while you are here. Perhaps a positive and loving relationship with others and a religious following is what we need to seek out and embrace. We need to be in alignment with ourselves (our thoughts and desires) and know that more "things" will never satisfy our hearts desire to feel deeply happy and fulfilled in our lives.

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