The Little Things That Can Be Changed

June 28, 2019

It sounds so cliche "It's the little things" that count. I often notice some things, I often don't notice some other things. Rather than "turning a blind eye" to things on purpose I try to see reality and negotiate within myself what's important and act on my day accordingly. Believing from within yourself is the key to change and just changing yourself is a "full-time job." Change isn't easy after all, and too many "little" things can "make or break" your happiness.

Enter the smartphone, it often makes me feel "connected" to others and like my life is complete. In reality it really shouldn't, in fact it hardly functions as the name intends - a ringing phone often will go unanswered. It seems we as people get too busy for our own good maybe it's not wholly our individual fault. Many of us have a tightly packed schedule with little or no time to spare.

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