Why A Wakeup flow is Important

September 20, 2019

You probably have a busy day more often than not. You probably don't have time to even read a book. But can you figure out where most of your time goes? In this post I would like to share with you ways that you can wake up and "start flowing."

There is a ton of research talking about sleep, depression and energy levels being challenges for modern people.

An example of wake up flow could be;

  • Wake up excited to get my java / smile at my spouse and say good morning
  • Actually make my java (it's worth the wait!)
  • Review my simple list of things to accomplish today (set an RTF of 5 minutes just for this)
  • Touch my journal and read/write an entry include wake up time and thoughts!

  • I hope this gives you a new perspective on why a wake up flow can truly help you (and your loved ones) out tremendously. I always like to recap and also say "What if this works for me?"