Happiness Expressed

January 9, 2020

We all perform our best when we feel good about ourselves, that's right!Happiness is important right? Know that then - "Selfish desires start more fires." All the effort in saving money and making the smart choice could all go to the lawyers later if things go wrong.

A lot of us feel happy when we get certain things but also we loose value in happiness as we find it easier and easier to get the next best thing. It's important to know and to act in a supportive manner when our friends are going through a hard time. If we are able to be honest and tell them "it's going to hurt, but I'm here for you." This statement holds SO MUCH value and moral support, use it if you can hold to it.

Being a “Believer” (stretching instead of breaking) is what a lot of us should be practicing more. A lot of people are "non-believers" not just in the sense of religion but in the general sense. A way to see the “non-believer” perspective is the people who stop loving because “I’ve been hurt so many times that I’ll just get hurt again if I love.” It takes a lot to convince others of "the more you do together the more you will stick together." Lifestyle. Let us all remember there are limits to these beliefs, yes, of course! A “Believer” won’t just assume someone who is new will do the same thing - because of something someone else did to you in the past.

Kids generally comply well when their needs are properly met. This doesn't mean giving them what they want, it means giving them what they need so they can be at ease.

Hurt people, hurt people. it’s very, very sad but true - it’s like an illness, when they heal they will stop spreading hurt to others. People like this may feel like "I'm fighting for my life against the world"