Grudges And Forgiveness

June 11, 2019

That's it. I've had enough! I no longer want to deal with [person or thing here] after all I'm no longer even happy trying, so there I'm done and I'm just holding my great grudge now.

Wow, this gets pretty intense right about here, this final moment I arm myself with this grudge. I will not let myself forget (or think otherwise) that anything could work out; but just stop to think, what if? What if it was just bad timing this time, what if I may have just overreacted? Perhaps things could have gone different and things could be different now, perhaps the other person did us wrong, (probably the best way to look at every situation is to look at the situation for their POV and your POV and try to understand the differences, a simple misunderstanding with a person can absolutely lead to conflict!) We are all humans with emotions that can sometimes get the best of us, we need another chance to "remember what we learned."

You forgive someone when you understand them

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